• References

    We managed many contracts since we had started the business. Summary of the most interesting projects is stated here.


    • Production and installation of steel platforms, technological equipment and piping for Wrigley Confections CR, kom. spol., Porici nad Sazavou, Czech Republic - new Skittles hall
    Customer Subject of business Year
    Glatt Pharma spol.s.r.o., Hradec Králové, CZ Production of stainless steel parts for pharmaceutical industry 2011
    Chemoprojekt a. s., Prague, CZ Work during shut-down in PREOL a. s. Lovosice 2011/2012
    W.L.W. s. r. o., Ružomberok, SK Work during shut-down of  the paper mill Mondi RUŽOMBEROK 2011
    MCE Berlin, Gernfenberg, Munich, DE Assembly and disassembly of piping 2011
    MAXIT GROUP, Abanilla, Spain (for Saint Gobain Weber Terranova a. s.) Disassembly of technological devices and steel constructions 2011
    Saint – Gobain Weber Terranova a.s. – production in Prostějov, CZ Assembly of steel constructions and technology – complete production line for loose mix – assembly of devices from MAXIT ABANNILA Spain 2011/2012
    Saint – Gobain Construction Products CZ a. s. – production in Prostějov 2nd stage, CZ Unit for production of paste plasters – delivery, production and assembly of technology, steel constructions and piping 2013/2014
    Saint – Gobain Weber Terranova    a. s., Kozojedy, CZ Disassembly and assembly of mixing devices during full operation 2013
    Česká rafinérská a. s., CZ Technical support during quality provision – during shut-down in Litvínov 2011
    Česká rafinérská a. s., CZ Technical support during quality provision – during shut-down in Kralupy 2013
    MWV Svitavy s. r. o., Svitavy, CZ Pipe distribution of water 2012
    Promont a. s., Ostrava, CZ Work during shut-down and assembly work at MCHZ Ostrava and Biocel Paskov – disassembly of technological devices – exchangers, piping systems DN 600  - DN 1200 2011/2012
    Biomar A/S Myre – Norway Factory for production of fish food granules in Scotland, the Faroe Islands 2012
    Graintec A/S, Denmark Assembly of technological devices and piping for fish food processing in the companies Skretting A/S – Averoy Norway 2011/2012
    Coca Cola a. s., Prague, CZ Assembly during shut-down 2012
    Diamo s. p. Stráž pod Ralskem, CZ Neutralazing and decontamination station NDS 10 – assembly of technological devices and piping – PS 101
    Reconstruction of pipe distribution in the storage of chlorine
    AVT s. r. o., Hradec Králové, CZ Production of  reverz osmosis station (skid units) 2012
    AVT s. r. o., Počerady, CZ Locksmithery and welding in the power plant ČEZ Počerady 2012
    EUROMONT GROUP a.s., Hradec Králové, CZ Technical support during quality provision 2013
    ZVU Engineering a. s., Hradec Králové, CZ Delivery, pre-assembly and assembly of  IN & OFF SKID technological devices for 30.000 Nm3/h Hydrogen Plant – project Antipinsky 2012/2013
    T.P.C.A. Kolín, CZ Pipe connection of cooling and warmed up water to the object 200A 2013
    AERO Vodochody, CZ Hardening of steel – outdoor objects of auxillary files PS 04 – piping distribution 2012/2013
    Company kešner a. s., Králův Dvůr, CZ Production of conveyor bridges 2013